Many of you ask us how the whole process of a new idea and illustration begins, well we are a highly motivated team to offer unique, high quality, bespoke and personalized products and designs.

We all form the IL MONDO HOME team!

The first step is the idea! From there we start making sketches, in order to finally get our illustrations! All our designs are hand painted and subsequently, after an important graphic design work, we get the result that all our customers love.

We present to you the trio of women who are responsible for what is behind each new illustration, they are the DESIGN and MARKETING team! They are Sandra, María and Aida.

Let's start with María!

She is the illustrator of the company, who makes magic with her gift and manages to create the wonderful illustrations you see online! From an idea that the team talks about ... he starts sketching up to be able to capture with brushes, pencils ... the image he has in mind, it is in that moment that there is magic in each character or a new print! All original designs are hand painted with different techniques, that's why our products have that "hand painted" effect that makes the product so special and beautiful.

After there is Sandra,


It is the voice that is always behind all the videos uploaded on social networks, the person who takes the photographs you see online and the graphic designer. She and María are in charge of making all the montages, through the graphic design of all the wallpapers, wallpaper graffities, adhesive vinyls, textile sets that you see online! Sandra has the task of showing you all our products and news every day, so stay tuned! It will always surprise you!

And finally there is Aida,

She is also a graphic designer, she supports María and Sandra and above all she is the person behind every custom wallpaper, when you choose a wallpaper for example, she takes care of all the assembly of your wallpaper with professionalism and an incredible style! It also keeps the website up to date with all the news.

Together they will always surprise you with novelties and go in search of new trends to turn them into designs!

And now it's the turn of the guys from the production, they are Javier, Víctor and David.


These 3 guys print your orders non-stop, and they also do it with great care, they are attentive to every strip of paper, vinyl, panoramic ... that comes out of the printer and repeat it at the slightest quality error, although it is imperceptible to the customer, since they want to deliver a product of the highest quality. Thanks to their perfectionism and professionalism they achieve this goal. They are able to print thousands of orders a month and always with enthusiasm and motivation in each of them, they take care of packing everything well, so that nothing damaged arrives.

Together they make a great team!

And now it's the turn of our SUPER GIRLS from the textile laboratory, they are Noemí, Juana, Corina, Rosa and Mari Luz.


Always full of wires, patterns on the table, hundreds of cloths printed canvases to be packaged. They really do magic! From something that is a piece of printed cloths they manage to make amazing pillows, bedding, curtains ... each of the products are hand-sewn and always with great care. They ensure that the product comes out in high quality and with perfect seams!

And lastly our girls from Customer Care and Consultants! They are Ana, Alessandra and Mari Carmen.

We have a team of consultants specialized with our products who will help you choose the best option to decorate your home, with them you can clarify all your doubts in relation to our products (quality, positioning, measurements, customization ...) In addition, you will have personalized advice, you can also send us a photograph of your environment to advise you in the best possible way, you will also receive a detailed quote via email with everything that has been discussed. Always attentive and happy to receive your phone call or an email to be able to inform you and clarify any doubts!

Behind this team, there is the Manager of the company called Francisco,

Always hidden but everywhere, checking that all the departments are working well, always looking for new technologies, materials ... to offer the customer always high quality products! Betting on a young team, full of enthusiasm, professionalism, effort, affection, magic …

All of us in this company are important pillars, so to the question of HOW WE CREATE YOUR MONDO? ... the answer is that with the union of all we are able to surprise you every day with news, with incredible hand-painted illustration techniques, with processes of graphic design that give that final touch to the hand illustrated drawing, then with high quality prints thanks to our innovative machines that are able to print with high resolution, with the packaging made by hand by our textile laboratory, demonstrating to make all the products with care and dedication .... and finally with the consultants who will help you in everything you need!

We hope you have been able to get to know us a little more thanks to this section, and thanks for the trust in IL MONDO HOME.

We take advantage of this section to inform you that we have another brand in which we have been operating for more than 6 years, dedicated to the world of children called IL MONDO DI ALEX, we leave you the site in case you are interested