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Wallpaper made customised to your wall (length and height in cm), at your choice, the original drawing is hand painted, with watercolour and mixed technique paintings.

Washable paper, easy to collocate, only with water! To wet the back part of paper and the wall, just a little water (is not necessary glue)

When you want to remove our wallpaper, you just have to pull from a tip and all the stripes will come off easily!

Each strip is about 91 cm wide aprox.


You have the option in VINYL ADHESIVE format available in two sizes 100 cm or 150 cm in diameter (aprox.)
Or the option FOAM PANEL of 100 cm in diameter and with a thickness of 1 cm aprox., in this case the design is printed directly on a rigid base.
It can be personalized with name and / or phrase.

Ideal for rough walls or with orange peel paint or for those who live in rent and later want to take it with them!
Ideal for any environment, as a bed headboard ... an innovative product that you will surely fall in love with as soon as it is placed and that everyone who sees it will be curious to know what is beyond this magic window.

The original drawing is hand painted, with watercolour and mixed technique paintings.


You have no space to put a big wallpaper graffiti but do you love this design?

This is your product! One size of 160 cm wide x 98 cm high, it is presented in one piece: washable material and on the back with adhesive, you just have to remove the protection in the back and attach it to the wall where you like!


Suitable for all types of walls, smooth and rough! If you have a rough wall, you will notice irregularities, but pressing the hand on the surface will pass.

All our original drawings are illustrated by hand made with the watercolor technique and others, that's why it has that effect that our customers appreciate so much once positioned that we call it "hand-painted effect".

You can also make your poster unique with a text that feel you, in the gallery you will see an example of personalization, depending on the text, we will use one font or another.

If you like this design but want it to be bigger, look after our WALLPAPER GRAFFITI!


We present our UNIQUE headboards! with beautiful illustrations and which will undoubtedly be the stars of the room!

This model is available in 2 finishes:

VINYL: presented in one piece, washable and removable material at the time of installation, suitable for all types of walls!

FOAM PANEL PEGASO: the design is made on a rigid base of large 10 mm caliber, it is a material that does not weigh much. Easy to attach to the wall by means of double-sided tape ... Suitable for all types of walls!

In the drop-down menu you can select the width and height.

All our headboards can be PERSONALIZED with a text or the names you like most, in this way you will make it unique, there will be no similar headboard!

Depending on the text and headboard design, part of the main design can be changed to include personalization.

Typography can vary depending on the design and the text used.

All our designs are illustrated by hand using the watercolor technique and others, that's why once the colors have an effect we call it the "Hand-painted effect" which makes it truly spectacular.