PAREJA FLAMENCO Personalized Cushion


All of our cushions are designed to be combined with any wall product, now you can have your own wallpaper graffiti, wallpaper, magic window, headboard, print, etc ... and matching cushions!

Some exclusive and unique designs where the original design is illustrated by hand using watercolours or other techniques by the illustrator.

Our cushions have the padding included, they are removable by zipper at the bottom, they are all made in our textile workshop by our super girls who make them one by one by hand with all the love possible.

Also, if you want to make them unique, you can personalize them with a name or a word at no additional cost, you will see an empty personalization box to write whatever you want.

For personalization we will place the name or phrase where it fits best, with a nice font and colours similar to the main design. If you want the name or word to be in a specific place, it is important that you indicate it in the personalization box, otherwise our colleagues in the drawing dpt. they will insert it where they think it is best.

Personalize your cushion

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