ZODIAC FUSION IV Magical Windows


A drawing in round format with the theme of the zodiac where we combine the two zodiac signs you want, in the gallery you will see an example, you will have to choose the 2 zodiac signs to make the design with the constellations of both signs and you will also have 5 colors of the spheres between to choose!

You have the option in VINYL ADHESIVE format available in two sizes 100 cm or 150 cm in diameter (aprox.)
Or the option FOAM PANEL of 100 cm in diameter and with a thickness of 1 cm aprox., in this case the design is printed directly on a rigid base.
It can be personalized with name and / or phrase.

Ideal for rough walls or with orange peel paint or for those who live in rent and later want to take it with them!
Ideal for any environment, as a bed headboard ... an innovative product that you will surely fall in love with as soon as it is placed and that everyone who sees it will be curious to know what is beyond this magic window.

The original drawing is hand painted, with watercolour and mixed technique paintings.

Window finish:
Desired size
Choose the zodiac sign 1
Choose the zodiac sign 2
Personalize your magic window

Add your comments to personalize the product (Phrase, name, etc.)


Data sheet

Paper Type
Adhesive and repositionable vinyl
160 gr
green and blue
100 cm or 150 cm

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