Your Design "Turquesa"


A new format in which our illustrations full of magic are combined with the photo of your unique moment or with a special person.

A memory to keep in every corner and that when you look at it, it will transport you to that moment. It can also be a very special gift for those we love so much!

You have 3 sizes to choose from, there are 3 lines of text to insert what you want, in the photo gallery you will see an example.

You just have to attach your image, which is of high resolution, at least 300 pixels for it to be sharp, otherwise the print of that quality will not come out.

We adapt the image to the space present in the product for the photo, we will enlarge it, we will move it or we will reduce it.

Printed on a 230gr sheet, special for photography with MATT finish.

Write the wished text in each line:
Text in line 1
Text in line 2
Text in line 3
Add a quality image, minimum 300 pixels

Authorization use of your image
I give my consent to the use of the images uploaded by me on this site and I authorize their use for digital printing in PRINT format that I request under my responsibility.

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